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I help executives and organizations form and present strategies for change. I’m driven by a desire to help others discover and see positive possibilities. I’m passionate about fostering positive, healthy team cultures. And I want to help organizations transform for the better.

The types of problems I think about and work on include:

  • How can we explain something really complicated in simple terms that enable decision making? What’s the right format and channel for that message?
  • What is an executive’s vision for their team? How can their employees understand that vision? How do they act on that vision? How do they get incentivized?
  • What established processes are not working anymore? How do we pull in the employees and customers needs in understanding how those processes need to be fix?
  • How do you keep a team focused and motivated? How do you help the members appreciate each other’s skills? How do you help them work through a conflict?
  • What is an executive’s next position? How will it fit in with their own vision and skills? How will they ensure they’re a good culture fit for their new boards and employees?
  • How can an organization communicate more effectively? How should we build their skills?
  • What is the real message that needs to be told on a website, in a presentation, in a campaign?

I’ve had the pleasure of thinking about these issues as a communications expert at McKinsey & Company, as a freelancer working with C-Suite executives and major organizations, and as an internal advisor at Fortune 50 companies. My desire to foster connection between leaders knows no bounds – let me help you connect with your teams.

I’ve got some side projects, too. If you’re more interested in learning how to write, design and give amazing presentations on your own, check out the training side of my work here at The Presentation School.

Stay tuned, I’m also working on a podcast with Beth Davidz to help employees navigate change in their careers.
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Martha Denton is an accomplished Senior Executive and Board Member with more than 20 years of success across the technology, packaged goods, media, insurance, sports, and retail industries. Leveraging extensive experience in business transitions and executive management, she is a valuable asset for companies facing significant change or who are struggling to define their value proposition or culture. Her broad areas of expertise include synthesis, marketing, communications, change management, strategic planning and implementation, analytical thinking, and creative problem-solving.

Throughout her career, Martha has held various leadership positions with organizations including AIG, MetLife, and McKinsey & Company. She has significant C-Suite exposure, having worked for and with C-Suite executives for investments, data science, legal, operations, finance, and technology functions.

Her last in house position was AVP of Change Management at MetLife and recently returned her focus towards consulting. She has consulting experience helping major global companies and institutions form strategies, articulate value propositions, build communications capabilities, execute marketing strategies, coach top level executives, and identifying innovation opportunities. Her methods are rooted in her McKinsey experience and design thinking training.

Martha received her Bachelor’s Degree in Government and Women’s Studies from the University of Maryland and earned her Certificate in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design. She has also earned certificates in design thinking from Rutgers and MIT. Martha currently serves on the advisory board for the Rutgers University Executive  Design Thinking Advisory Board and was previously a member of the NYC Social Media Week Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Member for their Executive Education Design Thinking Program since 2016. You can learn more about the program here.

I wrote a first edition guide on how to plan, structure and deliver presentations for Bar Charts.  You can purchase it at many different book stores world wide, or online at Amazon or their site here.

At the end of 2013, I joined the Advisory Board for Social Media Week, New York.  I advised on the NYC event in 2014.

I first gave a talk for Ignite NYC in 2010 and loved it so much, that I joined the event production team as their presentation coach and slide mistress. Eventually becoming a co-director, until 2017. I’ve helped figure out themes, screen speakers, help the speakers write their presentations, plan direction for the event series, update social media, and represent the organization. It really is a unique rapid fire format (5 minutes, 20 slides, 15 seconds a slide).

I was fortunate to be the speaker coach for TEDxHarlem, which happened in March, 2012 in Riverside Church, Harlem, USA. Not only was it a total pleasure to gain awareness of the TED format, and to help the amazing speakers craft their messages, but to also learn more about the amazing Harlem community. You can check out some of the talks here.

Not only do I teach others how to speak publicly, I’m a speaker myself. Highlights have included speaking for Barron’s, The Economist, and the Reboot workshop for freelancers.

IgniteNYC: A PowerPoint about PowerPoint
Solvate: Tackling Presentation Design
WIM: Words of Wisdom
BLSCI panel on Ignite and Pecha Kucha