Martha Denton

Photo by Molly Aaker.

Amazing presentations make me happy.  Amazing presentations are delivered with a clear story, nice slides, authenticity and confidence. They move their audience members from one knowledge point or emotional place to another.

I know that not everyone loves giving presentations, either because they think their story is subpar, their slides are ugly, or they’re just flat out afraid to speak in front of others.  This is why I help people plan, write, design and deliver better presentations. I apply a clear process to every presentation occasion which starts with analyzing audiences, goes through structuring and messaging, designing the slides and ends with delivery (aka lots and lots of rehearsal time!).

I’m happy to execute on these stages for my clients directly (scroll down for a menu of services), or can teach them how to do these on their own.  Check out the sample of how I’ve executed on these stages on this website here.  You can also see videos of some folks that I’ve coached.  If you’re more interested in learning how to write, design and give amazing presentations on your own, check out the training side of my work here at The Presentation School.

Client sampling


Communications Strategy

I help you figure out the best strategy for your communications situation, such as: analyzing your audience, figuring out how to connect with them best, and determining what visuals your audience will best respond to.

Presentation design

I can design your presentations from beginning to end: template creation, translating your ideas into visuals, template application, and general design. I can do this in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi.


I work with you through every stage of infographic creation: looking at your data with you, thinking through the right story, and then executing on the related visuals. The best infographics tell a story that enhances your information and makes it more digestible to your audiences (just like good presentations).

Speaker coaching

I can help you become a better public speaker. My approach is to figure out what’s special about your style already and then give you exercises to enhance your strengths and diminish your weaknesses.

Structured ideation

I help you think through a big issue that you’ve been wrangling with, in a short 1-3 hour in-person session between you, me, and a wall full of post-it notes. At the end of the session, you should have a better understanding of how you really feel/think about something.


I teach a wide variety of courses that touch upon the various stages of presentation planning, creation and delivery. Take a look at my training website, The Presentation School, for more information.


I can create, small, simple illustrations to help make your presentations, websites, and infographics unique.

Event curation

I can help you stretch your story to an entire event. I can help you figure out what theme to pick, what types of presentations to have, activities for your audience to do, who to book to speak, and how to schedule out the day.

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