Martha Denton

Photo by Molly Aaker.

I help executives and organizations form and present their ideas for change. I’m driven by a desire to help others both find and see positive possibilities. I’m passionate about fostering positive, healthy cultures. And I want to help make a positive difference in organizations.  The types of problems I think about and work on include:

  • What is an executive’s vision for their team? How can their employees understand that vision? How do they act on that vision? How do they get incentivized?
  • How can we explain the really complicated in simple terms that enable decision making?  What’s the right format and channel for that message?
  • Why are established processes not working anymore? How do we pull in the employees and customers needs in understanding why they’re not working anymore?
  • How do you keep a team focused and motivated? How do you help the members appreciate each other’s skills? How do you help them work through a conflict?
  • What is an executive’s next position?  How will it fit in with their own vision and skills? How will they ensure they’re a good culture fit for their new boards and employees?
  • How can an organization communicate more effectively? How should we build their skills?
  • What is the real message that needs to be told on a website, in a presentation, in a campaign?

I’ve had the pleasure of thinking about these issues as a communications expert at McKinsey & Company, as a freelancer working with C-Suite executives and major organizations, and as an internal advisor at Fortune 50 companies. My desire to foster connection between leaders knows no bounds – let me help you connect with your teams.

I’ve got some side projects, too. If you’re more interested in learning how to write, design and give amazing presentations on your own, check out the training side of my work here at The Presentation School.

Stay tuned, I’m also working on a podcast with Beth Davidz to help employees navigate change in their careers. 

Client sampling


Change Managment

I help you or your organization create and articulate a strategy for change in multiple ways.

Presentation creation

Have a high stakes presentation coming up? I can help you figure out your core messaging, structure the story, and create your materials.


Looking to position yourself in the market for your next role? Need a board to understand and buy into your vision? trying to figure out how to “play the game” better?  I can help.

Presence coaching

I can help you become a better public speaker or to “fill a room”, either for a specific situation or in general. My approach is to figure out what’s special about your style already and then give you exercises to enhance your strengths and diminish your weaknesses – and help you be authentic.


Need to get your team trained up in communications skills? Maybe your team needs to work through an issue or come up with a new idea? I can help by creating a training or leading a workshop.


Having trouble understanding an issue?  Need a plan for the future? I can help you form a strategy while keeping your stakeholders in mind. My techniques are routed in design thinking.

Content Development

Need some creative help like an infographic created or an article written? Maybe a video produced? Perhaps a full internal campaign for your employees? Not only can I help you with the messaging, I can get those materials created, either myself or through creative directing others.

Event curation

I can help you stretch your story to an entire event. I can help you figure out what theme to pick, what types of presentations to have, activities for your audience to do, who to book to speak, and how to schedule out the day.

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