Clarifying a new process

Sales process image before editing


A Fortune 500 client had a big meeting coming up to explain a new team process as part of a larger organizational restructuring. The before image (on the left), and the subsequent text explaining it, were clear on relationships, but not very easy to read and required a voiceover.


I asked the team various question about how the graphic would be presented (sent ahead and then presented live) and asked them what their audience already knew about their content (nothing).  Since the core conversation was focused on the new processes in relation to a new organizational structure, I redesigned the slide to highlight make more the processes and new org clearer.  I did that by flattening the process out, editing the title of the chart to better explain the main focus of the page, and adding in some numerical steps to help clarify the way the page should be read.


The team had a successful meeting.

NOTE: This page has been heavily sanitized to protect client confidentiality.

After editing